Monday, September 8, 2014

Resolving jobs kept in 'Sync Pending' in Alfresco Cloud sync

In Alfresco you can sync your on-premise documents to Alfresco Cloud, given you have a sync-enabled Alfresco Enterprise license and a Alfresco Cloud login/network.

The Cloud sync (on premise) has a pull and a push job which pulls fron or pushes to the cloud. This works out of the box and in newer version 4.2.x. Cloud sync is only for one server ('PRODUCTION').

Example for cloud sync enabling settings:


Troubleshooting the sync is described here:

A detail which I discovered the hard-way is that the push job is dependent on the audit-system. It uses the audit messages to findout if anything has happen, since last sync (no audit -> do not run). Therefore, if you disable the audit trail, the push-job never runs. You will not see anything in the logs.

So remove any 'audit.enabled=false' if you have sync-jobs kept in pending state on your on-premise installation. Audit is enabled OOTB, but alternatively set the last line in your to audit.enable=true

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