Thursday, January 22, 2015

Performance of new Aikau DocumentLibrary (5.0.c version)

The new Aikau 'framework' is very promising, I tested the new Documentlibrary, and found it to be very functional with some functions not working and with some performance problems on the client-side (approx. 2x on my machine), due to many dojo scope initializations (hitch function)

New Feautures seem to be:
- smother look and feel  and details in the presentation making it nicer to the eye
- paging is now added on top

Performance wise, here is the main cause:

Calls:      3838        
Procent: 81.57%   
Time:      58090.815ms    

This is probably improved in Alfresco HEAD. A resolve could be to make bigger components / less reuse?

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